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Organ transplant with Gate To Wellness

Organ transplant

Help each other in need

We are working together with leaders in the field of organ transplantation. Our partners are clinics and hospitals in India, Turkey and Spain.

Transplants that we can facilitate are: Liver transplant, kidney transplant, corneal transplant, heart transplant, intestinal and GI transplant, pancreatic transplant and pediatric transplant.


Hundreds of people die each year because there is a shortage of donor livers and a high incidence of liver diseases. Donor livers can be obtained from a family member or a friend who donates a portion of his/her liver to the patient.

In Qatar all donation and transplant surgeries are done so under the Doha Donation Accord. This Accord has received endorsement from the International Society for Organ Transplantation as well as by the Istanbul Declaration Custodian Group (international experts in professional and ethical organ donation and transplantation). The aim of the  Accord is to protect patients and ensure the safest, most effective and truly ethical care for all.


Becoming a Registrant for Organ Donation after Death

What is a donor registry?

A donor registry is a national confidential list of people who are willing to become organ donors after their death. It can be quickly accessed in the event of a death to see whether an individual has registered their willingness to be an organ donor. This list literally saves the lives of people waiting for a viable organ.

People on the donor registry are issued with a ‘donor card’ that they carry with them. This indicates they have expressed a wish to be an organ donor, in the event of their death.

If you decide to sign up to be a donor it is very important to tell your family of your wishes. They will be asked, in the event of your death, to confirm that you had not changed your mind before any donation is carried out. Losing a loved one is incredibly hard but deceased donation may also help the remaining family members to cope with the loss of their loved ones.

Make sure your family knows and is happy to respect your wishes.



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