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Health Check up in Turkey with Gate To Wellness

Health Check-up

Be one step ahead: Preventative Health Check up

You are fit and healthy - let’s keep it this way! Most of the serious illnesses can be treated successfully in the early stages. 

Ideally everyone above the age of 40 should have check ups regularly. Standard check ups include blood count, blood tests that assess organ functions (liver, kidney, etc.), sedimentation, cholesterol and lipid levels, thyroid (goiter), urinalysis, whole abdominal ultrasonography, pulmonary graphy, electrocardiography, dental, and scanning of stool in blood.

Additional tests which are recommended are eye examination, cardiological examinations and additional examinations for cancer screening.

In case you have inherited risks, you should not wait for the age of 40 but do tests before.

Combine your next holiday with a health check up by trusted specialists in Germany, Switzerland, India, Spain, South Korea or Turkey.

General Check-up

We can facilitate health check ups for

  • Men and women
  • Women over 40 years
  • Families
  • Pre Married couples
  • Children and teenagers
  • Seniors over 60 years

For our health check-up packages please click here

Sport Check-up

You need a specific check up? We can help you to get:

  • Heart check
  • Cancer check
  • Kidney check
  • Liver check
  • Knee check
  • Internal health (Colonoscopy, Gastroscopy)
  • Skin check
  • Brain Check

Are you preparing for a marathon? - get a marathon check up

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