Wellness Services


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"Your body hears everything your mind says"

Rediscover a Healthier & Happier You

You were born fabulous

However, stress and natural aging take a toll on our body and mind. We get distracted and forget to take time to recuperate. Thus it is essential to take a time out and rediscover yourself. Step away to somewhere special! Bring back your beauty, wellness, health and your fabulous self!

What is Wellness?

There is more to wellness than being free from illness. It is the sum of all choices we make towards a healthy and fulfilling life. There are 7 dimensions of wellness. The physical dimension, the emotional, intellectual, spiritual, social, environmental, and occupational dimension. Each dimension is equally vital in the pursuit of optimum health.

Our understanding of wellness is not just about short-term pampering. It is about a lifestyle change, new beginnings, and lots of pampering.

We at Gate To Wellness provide you with all information and support needed to find the most suitable wellness retreat for you. It is about lifestyle changes, pampering and new beginnings.

Some of our Wellness Services

Be one step ahead: Preventative Health Check up

You are fit and healthy - let’s keep it this way! Most of the serious illnesses can be treated successfully in the early stages. 

Ideally everyone above the age of 40 should have check ups regularly. Standard check ups include blood count, blood tests that assess organ functions (liver, kidney, etc.), sedimentation, cholesterol and lipid levels, thyroid (goiter), urinalysis, whole abdominal ultrasonography, pulmonary graphy, electrocardiography, dental, and scanning of stool in blood.

Additional tests which are recommended are eye examination, cardiological examinations and additional examinations for cancer screening.

In case you have inherited risks

Better than any diet

Lose weight in a beautiful wellness retreat! We would like to help you lose weight and maintain it. Our health travel specialist visited a wide range of wellness resorts and tested their services for you. Therefore, a free personal consultation, she can recommend retreats and treatments that are most suitable for you. Every resort is different and offers a unique experience. Whether you are looking for a spiritual experience, traditional or modern approaches, we can direct you to renowned weight loss professionals. Once you are back in Doha we can connect you with local health and fitness coaches who can help you to maintain your results.


Lose weight and feel more active:

Hairtransplant with Gate To Wellness in Turkey

Hair transplant in Turkey

Gate To Wellness can direct you to experienced hair transplant clinics in Turkey that guarantee quick and successful results. We tailor packages to your wishes and can organise translators and pick up or drivers. Why not combine your hair transplant with a short trip in Istanbul? Gate To Wellness can arrange any free time activities such as city tours for you and your family.

Cleanse your body, mind and soul

As part of modern living, we are putting a burden on our body. We breathe polluted air, drink processed water and processed foods and experience stress on a daily basis. All of these factors create toxics in our body.

These toxins are the reason we develop conditions that we label “illnesses”. To protect ourselves from illness and maintain our youth, energy and appearance for many years, we need to get rid of this toxic load.

There are several ways to Detox: Juice Detox, Ayurvedic detox, etc. The main idea is to eat healthy, stimulate digestion,exercise, sweat and relax your mind.