Step by Step


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‘A guide to ensure a smooth journey and treatment plan ahead’


Understand your needs

At the initial stage, our health tourism facilitator will listen to you, understand your health and medical needs and discuss how our services an meet your expectations


Gate To Wellness will:

  • Introduce our services
  • Discuss your medical concerns and goals
  • Answer all of your questions
  • Once you are ready, we will sign a contract to begin your health tourism journey.


Case Assessment

Once the contract has been signed, medical records will be collected. Based on your records and expectations, research will be conducted to provide information on the best practitioner and treatment facility


Gate To Wellness will:

  • Collect copies of all necessary medical records
  • We will fill a form with you to understand your medical history
  • Discuss your choice of destination, travel dates as well as expected services and add-ons
  • Conduct research to find suitable options in the destination of your choice


Facility Options

Based on research, we will present you with the two options for you to make an Knowledgeable decision



Gate To Wellness will:

  • Give you information about the physician
  • Provide details about the hospital, facilitates and location
  • Offer an estimated cost of requested treatment or procedure
  • Book your medical treatment or procedure


Travel Planning

Once a treatment facility has been selected, a case manager will put together a complete travel plan, guiding you through the process



Gate To Wellness will:

  • Coordinate between hospital/treatment center and yourself
  • Make appointments for treatment/procedure
  • Inform you of any required tests prior to traveling
  • Confirm date, facility, physician and estimated cost of your treatment
  • Assist in filling out required forms and facilitating payment according to plan
  • Provide you with a folder containing all travel information



Gate To Wellness will support and assist you throughout your journey


Gate To Wellness will:

  • Contact you to ensure you have arrived at your destination and all is going according to plan
  • Communicate with the facility before, during, and after treatment
  • Arrange required follow-up care if necessary


Follow Up

After your treatment or procedure, you will spend the time recuperating at your destination. With your doctor’s approval, you can also choose to enjoy some of the attractions your destination offers, or you can choose to return home safely


Gate To Wellness can help to:

  • Ensure you receive post treatment reports and documents
  • Arrange required follow-up care abroad or within home country if necessary
  • Assist in corresponding with your practitioner for follow-up inquiries


Add on Services

At Gate To Wellness, bringing you the absolute best global options in medical and health treatment is what we do best. However, we can also provide you with a wide range of concierge services to make your journey a comfortable, convenient, and even luxurious one

Gate To Wellness can assists with:

  • Visa applications
  • Air tickets for yourself and those accompanying you
  • Accommodation options such as hotels, apartments and high end resorts
  • Transportation
  • Interpreter services