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"Your first step to a healthy life begins here"

Medical Services to Suit Your Needs

Gate to Wellness offers you high-quality and easy service. If you are seeking healthcare travel or tourism, you have certainly come to the right place.

At Gate To Wellness, we consider that you should focus on your health and not on the details of your travel. That is why, we take great pride in the level of attention and care that we provide to meet your specific needs by planning your entire trip. Our focus is on providing you with the best possible outcome and overall experience.

If available, Gate To Wellness may request medical records, local physician’s opinion, medical history and diagnosis to better assist you. Medical records are not a requirement but will contribute to the process. Once we have necessary information we may begin the process highlighted in the ‘Step By Step’ detailed information.

Some of our Medical Services

Whether you are looking for physical therapy, occupational therapy, treatment of any back pain or neck pain, arthritis treatment we can direct you the the most suitable hospital and clinic.


If you're thinking about getting a second opinion, don’t hesitate. Very few decisions have to be made on the spot. You have to think about them, and consider your options. You should absolutely feel comfortable in saying, ‘I am not sure what I need to do, I think I need a second opinion.’


Diabetes treatment with Gate To Wellness

Be stronger than diabetes

If you are one of the 239,100 people in Qatar who has too much glucose in their blood (this is what Diabetes is all about), then you could benefit from the knowledge and expertise of our partnering health centers and hospitals in Spain and Switzerland.

Experts in this field are endocrinologists and nutritionists. They can help you to reduce your insulin level and adjust to your bodies needs. In some cases bariatric or metabolic surgery may be an option to cease diabetes.


Children pregnant women Hospital paediatric medical travel with Gate To Wellness

Infertility does not mean you cannot have children

Gate To Wellness can introduce you to expert doctors who are specialized in reproductive medicine. Some causes of infertility cannot be corrected but couples can often still achieve a pregnancy through the use of assisted reproductive technology. Our network of clinics and hospitals in Spain, India, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey and South Korea offer different Infertility treatment methods. Depending on your personal requirements, a treatment will be chosen which suits you best.


Infertility treatment methods:

  • Medicines to improve fertility (can be used