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Italy has long since been one of the worlds most enjoyed tourist destinations for a good reason! With its long-established artistic and cultural heritage dating back to the Renaissance period, Italy has always been synonymous with beauty, elegance and art. Nowadays, this coveted destination has become an essential component of the travel-enthusiast’s list of countries to visit. Avid fashion aficionados rave about the endless shops offering only the most up-to-date and luxurious trends available on the market, while aspiring artists get inspired by the huge array of classic art galleries housing the most extensive collections ranging from Da Vinci to Michelangelo. Most tourists simply enjoy the wonderfully charming Italian ambience; think authentic national cuisine, a Mediterranean climate, an abundance of boutique-style spa centers, and a plethora of attractions to see and visit. Could it really get any better than that?

A History of Wellbeing

Italians have always placed a heavy emphasis on the importance of physical wellbeing and the self. This is especially indicated throughout history, with the prevalence of Roman baths used during and after, medieval times. Authentic boutique spa-towns, present by the hundreds, specialize in providing thermal and exfoliating treatments to cleanse and detoxify the skin and body. Hand yourself over to the experts, and indulge in Italy’s abundant natural hot springs while benefiting from their many therapeutic effects on the skin and joints. Stimulate your skin and get rid of harmful toxins by making use of the Roman baths infused with essence of lavender or rosemary. Engage yourself in a sensorial journey and watch as your body unwinds and releases all unnecessary tension accumulated.

The Italian Way of Living

Italians are known to having one vital feature in common: a love for living life the way it should be lived. This involves highlighting the importance of enjoying the finer, simpler things in life. Spend the day sipping on delicious espressos from one of the rustic cafés that line the most famous people-watching squares such as the Piazza San Mano in Venice or the Piazza Di Spagna in Rome. Join the locals in the essential daily ritual of ‘passeggiata’, the evening stroll, after a scrumptious meal made from only the finest and freshest ingredients. Enjoy a day trip to one of the art-packed towns of Florence, Pisa or Siena, and admire the many architectural wonders that testify to Italy’s magnificence. Spend the day shopping at the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, the most glamorous shopping mall in the world and end the night in harmony after paying a visit to the Duomo Di Milano, the splendid gothic-like cathedral. Make your way over to Italy and enjoy the finer pleasures in life!

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