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What is special about Chickpea water?



Aquafaba or Chickpea water is nothing more than the liquid from a can or jar of chickpeas. When you cook dried chickpeas in water, the water will become Aquafaba as well

This liquid whips up beautifully - just like egg whites. You can use it to make meringues, mayonnaise or angel food cake. Aquafaba works as a simple substitute for eggs. 3 tablespoons of chickpea water equal one egg.


When you buy cans or jars, always keep in mind: read the labels and make sure there are no preservatives and stabilizers or any other harmful chemicals added. By the way, Aquafaba freezes well.




Learn more about Aquafaba, its nutritional value, history and any news in this regard.


Try your own egg-free meringues

Convince yourself and watch some informative videos on youtube. We like this one on how to make your egg free meringues:


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